La Comtadine - 50 cl - 43%

Liqueur La Comtadine 43 %

50 cl
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This liqueur, created in 1835 as the elixir of Mont Ventoux, is obtained by distillation, maceration and infusion of more than 40 plants, flowers and spices.
The Comtadine liqueur is characterized by the use of seeds, buds, flowers and roots. In addition to distillation, there is an infusion of genepi and verbena and a vanilla alcohol. Comtadine® is aged in oak barrels.

La Comtadine liqueur - 50 cl. - Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Sugar Syrup, Plant Alcohol, Flowers and Spices of which: Genepi, Verbena, Angelica, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Hysope, Thyme, Mint..., Vanilla Alcohol, Dye E124, E131.

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50 cl
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Liqueur La Comtadine 43 %

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