Croquet de Provence is originally one of these dry biscuits typical of Provence, it is the French cousin of the Italian biscotti. The term biscuit comes from the cooking technique: the croquets are cooked for the first time in the form of a “boudin”, then sliced ​​while hot and cooked a second time for a few minutes before being cooled. La Biscuiterie de Provence, located in Drôme Provençale, manufacturer of traditional biscuits and cakes, has been innovating for more than 20 years with organic and gluten-free recipes, rich in almonds, made with 100% noble ingredients of natural origin, without coloring , without preservatives and without palm oil, and as much as possible from local production. And it must have been nearly 20 years since their savory version of Provençal croquets have been on the shelves of our delicatessen. They are crunched as an aperitif, on a salad or in a soup, and mixed they make an extraordinary breadcrumb for breading monkfish cheeks or chicken strips.

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