The " Vieux Marc" is a spirit, produced in almost all the wine regions of France. The Marc brandy is also made in many countries, it is called Grappa in Italy and Switzerland for example. The " Vieux Marc" is mostly made from grapes vinified in red wine by distilling what is called "the marc", that is to say the dry matter recovered after pressing the fermented grapes (skin, pips and stalks) .

When this brandy is distilled from marc from an AOC, the Marc or Vieux Marc produced will be identified according to this AOC (Marc de Bourgogne, Marc de Provence, Vieux Marc de Châteauneuf du Pape, etc.) or according to the grape variety if you are in Alsace for example (Marc de Gewurztraminer). It is then aged in barrels for a more or less long time: a minimum of 6 years is required for the Vieux Marc denomination, and the Marc denomination is used in the event of shorter ageing. Marc eau de vie can be consumed at the end of a meal, used to refine cheeses (Marc de Bourgogne or Marc de Gewurztraminer in Alsace), to make liqueurs or even to "mutate" a wine in vinification into wine. natural sweetness (AOC Rasteau for example). Vieux Marc de Châteauneuf du Pape is known to be a remarkable digestive, and it is also used in cooking to flavor or flambé…

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